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    Established 1984

    Actually Made by Humans in Canada

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    Wake Up Your Water!

    4651 Palm Pacific Road

    Bowser, BC Canada V0R 1G0



    Established 1984

    Call or Text 250.937.8974 to come visit the studio - when we are around we welcome visits! And Thank you for taking the time to connect!

    Our Soaps

    Inspired by Island living with roots in the Prairies. Premium soaps & bath goodies, Canadian made. All products we make are registered with Health Canada. We believe you will love the scents. Don't love scents? Got you covered, unscented and uncomplicated products available. Need a custom order - we can help!

    Our Ingredients

    Grocery list ingredients, local, home grown botanicals, best researched raw ingredients allow us to strive for the best.

    A little bit about us

    We are a family encouraging a bath & body business to live a new life in the Amazing community of Bowser. Packing up our equipment and moving Virginia's Soap from Manitoba to Vancouver Island in the Fall of 2015, we feel fortunate to have landed here. The people are outstanding and caring, and the land & sea are inspiring indeed. Everyone we've met from the places we've explored on Vancouver Island, to date, have been so kind and helpful.


    Virginia's Soap is on a journey - we are the second caretakers of the soap company - and that is how we feel about Virginia's Soap, it is it's own entity and we are allowed to guide it, if you will (and have it mentor us - lol!)


    Virginia & JB were the original owners (so, yes Santa, there is a Virginia) and they invented so much and researched books at the library (pre-internet) - books that had recipes from 1910 and made 2000 pound batches of soap!


    I was familiar with the Virginia's Soap Company as my parents owned a resort in the Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba, and part of our Christmas traditions would be to include pieces of Virginia's soap in the cabins for guests. My sister and I were thrilled if a couple of pieces ended up in our stockings on Christmas morning!


    In 2010, I met Virginia at a market garden in Winnipeg - she was the entertainment for the day - Celtic drumming, singing and story telling. Chatting, while waiting for the rain to pass, she told me she and her husband owned a soap company. To which I excitedly exclaimed, "You are Virginia, from Virginia's Soap? I love your soap! If you ever decide to sell give me a call." Virginia called me 2 days later - we believe it was serendipity.


    The first batch of soap my husband, Don, and I made was 300 pounds - and that's another story....

  • What's New for 2021!

    Here we go!

    2021 - Here we go!

    Changing with the times

    January 3, 20121


    Website Under Construction!


    Happy New Year! If you are looking for soap or supplies email us. Currently we have sold everything we have in stock. We are happy to make what you'd like.


    We find ourselves getting ready for the next round of homeschooling, (we even did a fun & safe soap making class for a couple of distance learners in our class for their science lab. We are doing a lot of porch pick ups from our local producers.


    We are very grateful for your support and our hearts are full.

    Supplies for Your Soap Making Adventures

    When you offer classes, it's good to offer some basic supplies to get you started in your own soapy journey.

    The most important soap making supply is Sodium Hydroxide and that is in our Supplies section.

    We will compile the supplies we have on hand as quick as we can. In the meantime if there is something you need, please send an email to info@virginiasoap.com with your inquiry. We'll reply quickly! Click on the photo above to be taken to the Supplies section

    Soap Making Workshops

    Gift Certificates available for 2021 sessions

    Head over to the Classes section or click on the photo above to see all the great classes we have developed for you! Pick the classes that interest you!

    Classes are:

    • prepaid and non refundable (they are transferable to another person or for another date)
    • held at our Bowser studio
    • Morning, Afternoon, & some weekend spots available
    • so much Fun!

    contact us info@virginiasoap.com or 250.937.8974 for more information and payment options

    $125.00 for a One-on-One soap making class - detailed instruction and recipes/techniques

    Consulting Appointments

    Take a Bite out of Life

    (not the soap though, it tastes as bad as always)

    “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”
    Seneca, Roman Philosopher


    In a my business I have forged a life long path of lessons (with more chemistry than I ever thought I'd need). I will teach you with pride and good sportsmanship; with creativity and thoughtfulness – to your customers and your environment. I love systems and costing as much as I adore creating and research. I am constantly learning, or unlearning what I thought I knew and didn’t.

    This may have considerable value to you. I offer professional, expert guidance in:

    • creating soap formulations
    • a signature recipe
    • creating bath products for your line
    • incorporating local ingredients
    • how to create a local scene
    • working with scent
    •  good manufacturing practices
    • where to source suppliers
    • R & D
    • business plans
    • systems (processes to streamline)
    • costing and cash flow
    • Health Canada compliance
    • CN Forms
    • raw ingredients background (as they pertain to soap making)
    • understanding your local market and global market
    • open ended - bring your queries or concept and we can work on next steps!

    Basic charge is $100 per hour (work space, instruction, small batch supplies, printed lessons, email follow up as/if needed). If you’d like help to prepare for your opportunity please call or text Kim 250.937.8974 or email info@virginiasoap.com