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    The Fine Print in a Font Size that is Legible!

    The OFF LINE Shipping Option is the way to go

    Shipping to Canada only

    Here is why:

    The OFF LINE Payment option allows us to calculate your order including shipping and applicable taxes before you are charged.


    When you order this way we will send 2 invoices:

    First to your email account with a detailed accounting of your order

    Second an online invoice payable through Square Up or by E Transfer. For E Transfer make sure to send us the answer to the security question (please & thank you). Upon payment we will post your parcel and send your tracking number.

    Soap Subscription Boxes

    Options and Shipping Costs

    In the Soapscription Box you have the option to add a one time box


    You can add on shipping to the to either regional or national parts of Canada - there is an option for that in the drop down menu.


    OR, picking the Off Line Payment option will allow us on our end to help set the proper costs and add the applicable taxes. If it is all too confusing (sadly - it seems to be, especially without enough coffee). Leave the shipping cost out and we will adjust your order and send you invoices for your perusal before payment is taken.

    How big is a bar of soap?

    A cut that fits nicely in your hand

    Bars of soap are sold by weight. Each Virginia's Soap bar is at least 100 (3.5 oz.) grams. Bars are hand cut and generally run between 105 grams to 120 grams. the size of the bar is approximately 2.5" x 3" x 1" thick

    How long will a bar of soap last?

    Depends on how many are using one bar of soap, how often you bathe, however here are some good guidelines for you

    A bar of Virginia’s Soap will last 2-3 times longer than a commercial bar of soap.

    Don’t let your soap sit in a puddle of water. Any soap dish that drains well is good and should keep your soap dry.

    Leave your cold process soap out of the wrapper for a few days or a week (if you can wait that long!) The soap will harden to last even longer and become even milder.
    Make sure glycerin soaps stay wrapped until you are ready to use them.

    Is there lye/Sodium Hydroxide/Caustic Soda in Handmade Soap?

    Not in our soap. We are very careful with our calculations and process.

    No. Although lye (an alkali ) is used to make true soap, the chemical reaction between the ingredients used in the soap making process cause the lye to be literally "reacted away," leaving behind a mild, effective bar of pure handmade soap. Tried & True recipes and good math skills come into play here! :)

    How should I take care of my Handmade Soap?

    Love it and use it everyday! ;)

    The glycerin it contains will act as a natural humectant, drawing moisture to it. To extend the life of your handmade soap, place it in a well-draining soap dish between uses. Keep unused bars in a cool, dry place, and use them within a few months of purchase if possible, however, if stored properly our soaps should last for at least six months or longer.

    How can I be sure of the ingredients?

    All soaps are registered with Health Canada, all ingredients are listed on each soap label.

    We have listed the ingredients in plain language as part of the product description here on our website. On our labels you will find proper ingredients listed with the INCI or botanical name and the common name beside it. Contact us at info@virginiasoap.com if you have additional ingredient questions or would like to give us a list of what your are looking to avoid. (It happens and we are happy to help.)

    Your products are made with food grade oils, are they also all organic?

    Any organic ingredients are listed as such in the ingredients list on the label.

    While we may use organic or better than organic growing practices our products are not certified organic. Some raw materials are certified organic and will be stated with that information. We purchase all of our raw materials from highly reputable vendors. Only high quality oils and butters that help nourish your skin are added.

    I want an order for my wedding in special colours can you do that for me? I own a gift shop and want a signature scent can you make that happen?

    We sure can!

    Happy to customize orders (minimum order applies). We can make a signature scent or colour for your retail location, your wedding or other special occasions. Contact us to get started at info@virginiasoap.com and let us know what you have in mind.

    My order is a gift can you send it to that person for me? Will you gift wrap it for me?

    You give us the instructions - who to send it to, the note you'd like to add and we'll make that happen. Gift wrapping can be arranged too!

    For gifts, please leave your instructions (name of your recipient, personal message, the complimentary closing). We'll send your message on a card, to the recipient. Split shipping or shipping to another location other than the billing address can be arranged. Happy to package your gift for you! If gift wrapping is needed please let us know. We want to make you smile!

    Do you wholesale?

    Wholesale is available!

    We offer wholesale to registered businesses. Please send us an email to info@virginiasoap.com with your business number, name and contact info and we'll get the process started. Thank you for thinking of us!


    Private Label sales

    We have a great stock supply for your private label needs. Please send inquires to info@virginiasoap.com.

    Shipping Costs

    We recycle all shipping materials we can and we use those materials in our shipping. Clean boxes, papers, packing peanuts, bubble wrap are used and we take great pride in properly wrapping your order so it arrives safely and intact.



    Regionally - from BC to MB and parts of Northwestern ON we can ship 4 - 5 bars for $15 in an Xpresspost Canada Post bubble pack with insurance. National orders are $23.00 (orders up to 500 grams)

    For shipments of 12 - 20 bars Regional (BC to MB and parts of Northwestern ON) shipping is running about $24 - boxed, shipped Expedited with Canada Post including insurance and signature. Nationally (to the rest of Canada add $8 - $10)

    Every order will ship with a gift of soap - at soap-maker's discretion (you never know what we might create!).



    For local orders, pick up is available at a mutually arranged time.


    Order with a Friend! Or 2 friends!

    How to save on shipping:

    Please note that to ship one or two bars of soap is often the same cost to ship 4 - 5 bars. You will have better cost ratios the more you purchase. We will only charge what shipping actually costs and let you know the proper cost.

    You are better to place a larger order or order with a friend or two and split the shipping costs. We are happy to estimate all shipping costs for your order before shipping.


    Pick the OFF LINE Payment option to have your order including shipping and applicable taxes calculated before you are charged. We will send 2 invoices - First to your email account with a detailed accounting of your order. Second an on line invoice payable through Square Up or by E Transfer. For E Transfer make sure you send us the security answer (please & thank you). As soon as payment is made we will post your parcel.

    The Fine Print

    In print large enough to read

    Processing time

    We always hope to have everything in stock and ready to go for you. During busier times we may be in the process of making some items. We will always let you know the wait time. You can decide to wait or order something different - we are happy to make substitution suggestions that make sense.


    Estimated shipping times

    Canada 4-8 business days

    We do our best to meet these shipping estimates, but cannot guarantee them. We add an extra day for "Island Time" on our end - not being mean or making excuses - we have to get it to the Post Office before closing to get your parcel off the Island, depending on processing time we may need to wait until opening the next morning. We ship with Canada Post expedited parcel service with insurance and a signature required. We have always had exceptional service here.


    If we are sending something small enough to fit in a letter mail envelope please understand there is no insurance. We'll send you a photo of your parcel being mailed but won't be responsible for loss or damage.


    Taxes: Provincial, Customs & Import

    Buyers are responsible for any GST/HST (all provinces) and PST in BC.

    Thank you!

    You Wonderful You!

    Thank you. For your support, for your orders, for the compliments, for the ideas and the feedback, for all you do for our small family business. We truly love what we do. We learn something new everyday and we are so glad to have you on this journey with us! Here's to waking up your water for the next 34 years!