• Soapscription

    New for 2018, thoughtfully crafted bath yums delivered right to your door!

    Inaugural bath box for delivered beginning of February 2018

    $30.00 plus shipping and applicable taxes

    Allow me to introduce the first gift box: Working with that new moon energy theme – We include a glass bottle of Hawaiian Black Salt infused with last night’s New Moon Energy. There is no wrong way to incorporate the salts into your routine – and we will include great some ideas to get you started! Then we’ll add in some charming soaps with wisdom, some grounding essential oil scented soap, and something to help you keep face in the form of phenomenal clay and add-ons.


    The cost of the subscription per month is $30.00 PLUS Shipping of $12.00 regionally or $19.00 nationally PLUS applicable taxes. The gift boxes are available in limited supply – you can order one time or a series of boxes.

    Series of Boxes 3 or 6

    $28.50 each for 3, or $27.00 each for 6 plus shipping and applicable taxes

    For some time now I’ve wanted to offer (and been asked for) a soap subscription box (Soapscription). My mission in a subscription package is a collection of expertly created bath products exclusively available on a bi-monthly or monthly basis.


    Premium bath goodies help create luxury in your daily routine. Goods in minimal packaging – thoughtful packaging, reusable packaging, recyclable packaging, and still able to fulfill the need to protect products to arrive intact to where you live.


    What kinds of goodies will you send me? Good question – I’d present to you all kinds of wonderful YUM! Each gift box will be unique. Created or curated specifically for the subscription holders. Top shelf yummies shipped to you as affordable luxury.


    A few examples are herb/flower infused oils, tub teas; roll on aromatherapy in superb scents, luxurious soaps, premium bath bombs, salts, and lotions, potions & salves, anything my mind can imagine – including appropriate product cards to give instruction as needed.